Two different cuts, seven lip smacking flavours!

Urban Bites are scrumptious edgy potato crisps made from the highest quality potatoes – sourced directly from Kenyan small-holder farmers across the country. They are lightly fried in golden vegetable oil and sprinkled with unique, tasty flavours. Urban Bites are hygienically packed into 30g and 120g matte-finish packets.

We offer Urban Bites in 2 different cuts, the classic and groovy depending on your mood and 7 lip smacking flavours: Trendy Tomato, Samba Salt n Vinegar, Summer Salt, Party Paprika, Nairobi Nyam Chom, Funky Fruit Chutney and the all new Perky Peri Peri.

Urban Bites tastes great with dips such as salsa or guacamole, enjoy alone as a snack or with friends and family when watching the game or having a party at home.

Available Sizes


Carton: 24 packets.
Carton weight: 0.995 kg
Carton volume: 0.02336 m3


Carton: 48 packets.
Carton weight: 1.99 kg
Carton volume: 0.031500 m3


Carton: 16 packets.
Carton weight: 2.48 kg
Carton volume: 0.047025 m3

Perky Peri Peri

Perky Peri Peri packs a punch with a mild chilli flavour with some tangy notes. Crack a bite and feel the vibe. Rock it, jazz it, pop it – day time or night, uptown or down, Urban Bites is the way to sway! 

Samba Salt n' Vinegar

Summer Salt

Simple ingredients bring out the best in each other. This classic cut potato crisps is perfectly salted for every craving. It’s best when ripped open anytime.
It’s associated with dance and free styling and it’s slogan is ‘Lock, pop, spin and crunch, freestyle is my flavour!’

Trendy Tomato

Funky Fruit Chutn'y

Nairobi Nyam Chom

Party Paprika

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