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Our products are delicious, convenient and trendy.

We produce the highest quality snacks in East Africa. Our products are delightfully tasty and filling. They are prepared using superior ingredients under the most hygienic conditions conforming to international food safety regulations.

The products are then presented in stylish and convenient packets, yet affordable to as many people as possible. We offer a variety of flavours to satisfy every craving.

Urban Bites Potato Crisps

Urban Bites are scrumptious edgy potato crisps made from the highest quality potatoes.

Cribaz Potato Crisps

Cribaz are affordable high quality potato crisps in a clear pack.

Urban Stix Crunchy Corn Snacks

Urban Stix is a crunchy corn snack with distinct flavours and classic packaging.

Ringoz Corn Rings

Ringoz is our new fun and crunchy corn ring snack extruded from the best quality maize, baked not fried and with exciting ingredients.

Tamu Tamu Corn Curls

Tamu Tamu is a baked corn curl snack quite popular with children. It's available in Tutti Fruity and Tomato Ketchup flavours.

Bitez Crunchy Corn

Crunchy Corn Bitez is an amazing crunchy corn snack made from local maize. It's available in Barbecue and Yummy Paprika flavours.

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