norda industries limited founders

Mr. Tajdin Hussain Jaffer and his wife Mrs. Khatun Jaffer

Our Founders

Norda Industries was founded 2008 by Tajdin Hussain Jaffer, Khatun Jaffer and their grandson, Faraz Ramji.

Our Vision is ‘to be recognized and respected as a leading manufacturer and distributor of fast moving consumer goods in East Africa.’

We strive for excellence in our business activities, consistent with best recognized practice in the respective field, while ensuring sustainable finance returns to shareholders.

Our Team

We contract small holder farmers across the country

We also contract small holder farmers across the country so as to ensure a constant and timely supply of quality potatoes, one of our main raw materials. Our brands have quickly become market leaders in snack categories and are loved as well as appreciated for their excellent quality and superior packaging.


Norda has an ambitious expansion strategy and is looking to diversify into other foods and beverage products as well as other consumer goods over the next five years.


Our vision is to be recognized and respected as a leading manufacturer and distributor of fast moving consumer goods in East Africa.


Creating growth and opportunity in East Africa by providing consumers with quality, innovative and outstanding products.

Core Values

Sustainability: We provide healthy, sustainable returns to our shareholders while ensuring that we are considering and meeting the needs of all our stakeholders
Excellence: We uphold high quality standards and best practice in every area of our work.
Integrity: We are honest, ethical, fair, and respectful in all of our dealings.
Responsibility: We are responsible and respectful towards the environment and the society in which we operate as we work for the benefit of the communities we serve.
Innovation: We are creative and forward looking, we think out of the box, use technology effectively and do things differently.

Our History

How we got where we are
Norda History
Bitez crunchy corn snacks
Started Trials and Production of Crunchy Corn Bitez
Norda History
Tamu Tamu corn curls snack, corn snack
Commisioned trials and production of Tamu Tamu Corn Curls
Norda History
urban bites potato crisps, best potato chips in kenya,
Launched Urban Bites Premium Potato Crisps
Norda History
urban stix crunchy corn snack, corn snack
Started production of Urban Stix
Norda History
tinga tasties healthy corn snacks
Launched Tinga Tasties Healthier Corn Puff Snacks in partnership with Tinga Tinga Tales
Norda History
In June 2017, a fire burnt down our factory
Norda History
urban treats
Launched Urban Treats Flavoured Sweets
Norda History
cribaz potato crisps, potato chips
Commisioned production of Cribaz Potato Crisps
Norda History
ringoz corn ring snack, corn snack
Commissioned production of Ringoz Crunchy Corn Rings